Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency Center
(CPEE Center) develops Projects for:

- The enterprises, the organizations and establishments;
- The private companies and firms;
- Private persons

Projects are developed in area:

• Organization of Cleaner Production, Clean Energy producing on the base of  Renewable Energy Sources at the maximum decreasing of emissions and negative impact on environment;
• Estimations of Energy Efficiency of operating objects functioning;
• Increasing of Energy Efficiency level at decreasing of energy carriers expenses;

For Energy Efficiency Projects the CPEE Center company provides:

• the Energy Efficiency existing level estimation for functioning objects;
• Development of a complex of actions for Energy Efficiency level increasing;
• Cost Estimation of Projects increasing the Energy Efficiency for each concrete object;


For Cleaner Production Projects the CPEE Center company provides:

• the estimation of a object’s condition existing level from the point of view of the organization of Cleaner Production;
• the Preliminary Feasibility Report (Pre-Feasibility Study);
• the General Feasibility Report (Feasibility Study);

On the base of above mentioned stages results the optimum configuration of system (systems) of Clean Energy producing for the given concrete object can be offered.

On the basis of the developed configuration following works stages are carried out:

• the choice and formation of structure of the future system (systems, a complex);
• calculation and a substantiation of parameters of system (systems, a complex);
• the technologies and equipment choice for system realization;
• technical design of system (systems, a complex);
• direct and accompanying expenses estimation for Project realization;

Advantage of offered CPEE Center company services:

• the complex approach to a problem;
• the account of all cores and concomitant factors at Projects realization;
• the account of the developed features and structure of the market of services in the field;
• an individual approach to each Customer;

In result, after reception of the exhaustive information and all necessary substantiations – your company can make the decision on realization of this or that Project.

In turn, company CPEE Center at the given stage can offer the services in technical realization of the Project up to its performance "on a turn-key basis".

The experts of the company having a wide experience and high qualification will carry out under your order:

• a binding and installation of equipment of systems and complexes directly on object;
• commissioning and starting-up works;
• putting on systems and complexes into operation;
• maintenance, planned and warranty service of systems and complexes on object;