Interactive Seminars on Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency methodology.

The Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency (CPEE) methodology is directed in principal to avoid or decrease the harmful emissions and environmental pollutions at the source of these pollutions directly by means of special actions implementation which can decrease the raw materials, water and energy using per one unit of output products. As a result the companies profit increases, the environmental pollutions decreases and improves the working conditions and output products quality. The experience of many countries shows that by means of taking under supervision the producing techniques and pollutions streams the savings about 5 – 15% together with environment conditions improvement could be achieved.  
 The CPEE actions as a rule are planned and implemented in frames of such technologies as:
- Improvement of practice of housekeeping;
- Purposeful replacement of used resources;
- Useful use of a waste in points of production;
- Purposeful change of technological processes;
- Modification of production;

Conditions of CPEE actions performance should be established and coordinated with the local companies. As experts – engineers of industrial departments are well prepared in techniques area – their knowledge how to identify, develop, finance and develop real projects and CPEE actions should be claimed. Hence, the program of actions should consider that CPEE Projects at the companies have no unitary character, and are continuous process of working out and performance of corresponding actions.

In essence, the Program goal - is demonstration of how it is necessary to develop real Projects and actions in the field of CPEE with positive influence on a financial position of the companies, ready to finance and develop these Projects.

Except earlier noted sure gain, it is expected also that the companies which will participate in performance of CPEE Programs will get competitive advantages on end of the Program and further will be legislatively supported. But, thus especially important the active cooperation of the companies with the CPEE Center.

CPEE Center seminars under the Specified Program are provided in an interactive mode and represent not simply actions of informative character, and direct work in the form of trainings for engineers, economists and managers of the companies and the enterprises. The participants spent in the form of three Sessions with independent work on working out of Projects between Sessions with visiting of the enterprises-participants by experts of the Company for the methodical help.
The projects developed by participants are real Projects in the field of CPEE, carried out on the basis of real economic indicators of the companies - of the participants, directed on revealing and an estimation of CPEE Potential, ways of realization of concrete actions at the companies, definition of size of achievable economic benefit of their introduction and definition of payback periods of these Projects.
Projects are developed by participants of the Seminar under a direct management of experts of the CPEE Center and invited experts ТЕКNА (the Norwegian Association of Engineers and the Qualified Experts), with use of Methodical materials and the special software given ТЕКNА. Complete Projects are represented by participants at the third final Session of the Seminar for discussion and review. Successfully presented Projects are recommended by experts ТЕКNА to implementation at the companies.
Special ТЕКNА and СРЕЕ Certificates, confirming successful passage of a course of the specified Program are handed over to participants of the Seminar.